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A note from the author: “This is a radio play or “voiceplay” in 12 brief episodes; alternative audio drama, in the modern mock-heroic style. In it I’ve re-imagined the legendary, priapic Latin American playboy and diplomat PORFIRIO RUBIROSA – the greatest Latin Lover of the Twentieth century – as a sort of hero-poet transfiguration character, or modern day Don Juan… As a student in 1920’s Paris, Rubi cranks out a slim volume of surrealist poetry. Years later, in his final moments, Rubi cries out for the poet’s life that might have been his and is granted a special, miraculous reprieve… This – along with the parallel story of lovelorn marine biologist Woody Mezmer’s dream journey across America – is the rough basis for the voiceplay SPLENDOR AND DEATH OF PORFIRIO RUBIROSA / FULGOR Y MUERTE DE PORFIRIO RUBIROSA.

This piece first aired in Fall of 2003 on Mr. Joe Poire’s  new audio theatre show on WOMR 92.1 FM Provincetown, MA, and since then has played or been serialized on stations across the U.S. and Canada. The voiceplay runs 34 minutes, in 12 discrete scenes.

Que viva Porfirio. Thanks for listening in.”