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“Prologue – Rubi’s Car Crash” (Chapter 1)


“Woody Visits the YMCA in Chickopee, Mass.”; excerpt (from Chapter 6 “Woody Hits the Road”)


“Testamento”; excerpt (from Chapter 12 “Sanctuary/Ascension”):

Copyright, (P), all rights reserved.

CAST: (ARTISTAS LUMINOSOS Y ESPLENDENTES) Robert Stanton, Sam Tsoutsouvas, Chris Baskous, Omar Prince, Robin Poley.

Recorded in Fall of 2001 in NYC at Full House and Harvestworks. Engineered by David Lawson, Dave Weissman, Leslie Lavelanet. Payroll services by CTP. Special thanks to Jeff Block; Gretchen Heldring; the people at AFTRA. Thanks also to Williamson Music; Vasrese Sarabande; Charles Howard; Rounder.

Written, produced, directed, edited and mixed by
Christian Baskous.

Special thanks to Marcos Martinez, Claudia Arenas.

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